'Bruce Archambeault recently presented his 2 day course to the Electrical Design Engineers onsite at our company. His thorough understanding, concise explanations, and detailed modeling examples, made the material easy to understand. The supporting math for electromagnetic was presented but was not necessary to grasp the general concepts. Many well documented examples were provided in the course materials and discussed in the course. Our engineers took away many key tools to be able to do the design right the first time. There is not "Black Magic" or "Smoke and Mirrors" here once you understand how EMI is radiated and how it affects EMI circuit susceptibility. "Excellent course!"'

- Brian Thompson regarding the PCB Design for Real World EMI Control Seminar presented 9/29-9/30/09


"This seminar stressed how to approach the modeling process and how to determine which numerical method worked best for a given problem. My mind has been opened like a parachute to the implications of simulating real-world EMC/EMI problems now that I understand things more clearly. I feel that I can intuitively tackle any problem now!"

-Chris Padilla, Cisco Systems, March 2000


"For me, the class was the perfect balance of understanding the tools themselves and understanding their application in the real world of electromagnetic compliance. Having used only one form of modeling previously, the comparison of the strengths and weaknesses of each computational method really opened my eyes to the "tool box" concept. After 25 years of "rules of thumb" in EMC, I'm finding my thumb is way too fat to do without these tools."

-Brent Dewitt, Datex-Ohmeda